teisipäev, 4. mai 2010

I found that in prison that I had more time to read the Bible, I had more time to contemplate life, and more time to look upon my fellow man. And I worked very hard during the period in there to help other people in the same situation. And I think that even in the most dastardly people, there is a goodness there, and you've got to find that goodness.

esmaspäev, 3. mai 2010

Ära vaata kui ei meeldi :)

So grazyy i know :)
Nothing interferes with my concentration. You could put on an orgy in my office and I wouldn't look up. Well, maybe once.

Vahel on nagu tahaksin midagi muud
mitte seda mis minule antud
ma ei ütle et tahaksin päikest ja kuud
tahan kuube mis pole veel kantud.
Tahan naist kes on kuum nagu lõunamaa öö
tahan kirge mis minu jaoks laetud
ma ei nõua et oleks tal vooruslik vöö
tahan hästi et asi saaks aetud.

Tahan rännata sinna kus jalg pole käind
tahan korrakski ära siit minna
ma ei mõtle et oleksin kõrbesse läind
tahaks näha või suuremat linna.

If I could reach up and hold a star for every time you've made me smile, the entire evening sky would be in the palm of my hand.I love you Cärol <3 Im so miss you :/
You so faking good friend to me .We hope to see you soon dear.

Where'er I roam, whatever realms to see,
My heart untravelled, fondly turns to thee;
Still to my brother turns, with ceaseless pain,
And drags at each remove a lengthening chain.

Mama exhorted her children at every opportunity to 'jump at the sun.' We might not land on the sun, but at least we would get off the ground.